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ICBC/Cell Phone Use While Driving in Victoria BC 2009/2010

While undergraduates at the University of Victoria in 2009, Theresa and Thomas Edghill developed a study that looked at cell phone use while driving in Victoria, BC. The survey took place at 40 intersections in Victoria with 200 cars counted at each site for a total of 8000 cars. They found that there were 7.5% of drivers using their cell phone while driving. Theresa and Thomas made a poster presentation from their study and presented it at conferences in BC and at the Canadian Association of Geographers conference in Ottawa in 2010. Theresa replicated the study for ICBC in 2011 which showed a decrease of cell phone use while driving after the BC cell phone ban went into effect.

Project Details
Date March - April 2009 Authors Theresa Fingler
Thomas Edghill